October 26, 2023

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Unique agenda featuring the hottest topics, curated by our CISO community, with decision makers in one room for the entire day, and a limited number of exclusive content contributors.

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Expert Speakers
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Expert Speakers

We are delighted to introduce some of our expert speakers in cyber security. Our speakers are distinguished professionals in the field, with years of experience and a passion for sharing their knowledge.

Daniel Riddarvinge

Information Security Officer
Saminvest AB

Drawing from a wealth of experience apparent in his diverse array of articles, Daniel Riddarvinge demonstrates a deep-seated comprehension of the crucial theme "Bridging the Gap between Technical and Non-Technical Departments." His insightful writings reflect his adeptness in maneuvering through the intricacies of harmonizing these departments cohesively. With his profound insights, Daniel is poised to shed light on strategies that facilitate improved communication, seamless collaboration, and mutual comprehension between technical and non-technical spheres. His adept guidance holds the potential to elevate organizational efficiency and synergy to new heights.

Elin Ryrfeldt


Elin Ryrfeldt's profound expertise encompassing Information Security, Risk Management, Crisis Management, and Data Privacy renders her a pivotal contributor to the panel addressing "Bridging the Gap between Technical and Non-Technical Departments." With a remarkable 15-year trajectory and her current role as CISO at Axfood, Elin embodies proficiency in orchestrating seamless collaboration across these realms. Her insights hold the potential to illuminate strategies that streamline communication, augment mutual comprehension, and cultivate synergistic efforts between technical and non-technical units. Elin's contributions promise to propel comprehensive organizational achievement to new heights.

Johan Nordin

Director of IT & IS
Extenda Retail

Johan started his career deep in Unix, Linux and IT Security. He currently holds a full time role as Director of IT & IS (combined CIO/CISO) at Extenda Retail, a global SaaS company. Alongside this he is also Chair of the Board in two publically listed SaaS companies, ChargePanel and Euroafrica Digital Ventures.

Over the last 20 years Johan has gained experience from business development, technology, security, coding, start-ups, scale-ups, executive leadership and board assignments, public speaking etc. From time to time he freelance via Agilefirst, and he has held permanent roles at Danske Bank, East Capital, Nasdaq, Citi & Lehman Brothers.

Since joining Extenda Retail Johan has come back to hands-on security work after a few years of focusing purely on executive roles. He has hired a new security organization, drafted and currently implementing a security investment programme incl. ISO27001, and also led the response to a major Ransomware infection impacting nationwide on-prem software installations.

Mikael Nyman

Head of IT Security

With a background spanning technical and non-technical domains, Mikael Nyman is well-suited for the panel discussion on "Bridging the Gap between Technical and Non-Technical Departments." With over 15 years of experience in leading diverse teams, his insights encompass both spheres. This unique perspective enables him to elucidate strategies that facilitate effective communication, collaboration, and synergy between these departments. Mikael's ability to align technological understanding with non-technical functions positions him as a valuable speaker to explore practical ways to overcome challenges and achieve harmonious cross-functional dynamics.

Marcus Küchler

Head of Global IT Security

With two decades of leadership experience, which encompasses guiding both individual leaders and virtual teams, my leadership philosophy has crystallized into a fundamental belief. I understand leadership not as a self-claimed title, but as an accolade bestowed by others over time, subject to constant scrutiny by one's environment. Throughout my career, I've found genuine satisfaction in instances where I've been acknowledged as a leader by various stakeholders—be it direct reports, superiors, peers, partners, or customers. This recognition from diverse perspectives validates the authenticity of my leadership approach, rooted in earned respect and consistent impact on those I lead and collaborate with.