Mend takes away the burden of fixing application security problems, By automating the process of fixing vulnerabilities. We let developers do what they do best, which is to code, and we take care of security. Customers who use Mend tell us that their application attack surface is reduced by approximately 90%.

For the past few years, cyber attacks have been more and more focused at the application layer. So this is now where the most risk is. As a result, companies are seeking ways to improve their application security.

But most application security tools were designed several years ago, and they are not well-suited for today’s fast-paced environment. They are slow, cumbersome to use, and they flood developers with false positive alerts. And they were mainly designed to issue alerts. They were not designed to help developers fix the problems.

Mend solves all these problems. Mend is an application security platform that is fast and easy to use. Mend works with the developer, almost invisibly, to prevent them from introducing new security vulnerabilities, and to help them fix existing vulnerabilities.

Mend actually automates the process of fixing vulnerabilities, which is something that no other application security program does as well as we do. That’s why our motto is: “You code, we cure”. We let developers do what they do best, which is to code, and we take care of security.

Our customers tell us that

  • Mend helps them reduce their software exposure on average by 90% with faster MTTR and faster burn-down of existing vulnerabilities
  • Mend helps their developers save about 80% of the time that they otherwise would spend remediating vulnerabilities
  • Their developers all like to use Mend software – although sometimes they don’t even realize it, because Mend is almost invisible

What are the components of the Mend Application Security Platform?

    • Mend SAST (custom code)
    • Mend SCA (open source, IaC)
    • Mend Supply Chain Defender
    • Mend Renovate

What are the business results of the Mend Application Security Platform?

  • Mend helps you reduce your software attack surface — often by 90%
  • Mend helps you improve your processes — through our seamless integrations with your existing software development workflows
  • Mend gives your developers back their time — typically saving 80% of the time that is otherwise spent remediating security flaws

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