October 24, 2024

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Elevating Security Awareness with Advanced   Technologies: In Line with Nordics Digitalization Standards    Awareness

Quantum computing is becoming increasingly practical    and accessible with the latest innovations on the market

Unveiling the Vulnerable World of IoT: Cybersecurity on the    Edge

NIS2, DORA & GDPR are still influencing cybersecurity    landscape

Data loss and recovery, shared infrastructure    vulnerabilities and lack of control and visibility in cloud    environments

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Craig Jones

Director Cybercrime at INTERPOL
Craig Jones is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with an extensive background in digital forensics and incident response. With over a decade of experience, Craig has honed his skills in addressing cyber threats and ensuring the resilience of organizations. Currently serving as the Cybercrime Director at INTERPOL, he leads global efforts to combat cybercrime, collaborating with law enforcement agencies, private sectors, and international partners. Craig's expertise lies in developing strategies to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, making him a prominent figure in the ongoing battle for digital security.

Sarah Aalborg

CISO at Tivoli
Sarah is the CISO of Tivoli, a Danish amusement park. With over 25 years of IT experience, she has worked in IT support, security program management, organizational change management, and as an IT security professional. She has led multiple IT security programs, including compliance, technical implementations, risk management, and leadership reporting. Sarah specializes in using her knowledge of the human brain and behavioral sciences to engage and mitigate human risk, and implement secure behavior. She does this in her new book and on the blog on

Zsolt Fabian

Group Cybersecurity Lead Byborg Enterprises
Zsolt is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with a career spanning over 15 years. As a Group Cybersecurity Lead, Zsolt has built robust security programs and assembled high-performing teams for some of the world's Top 100 high-traffic websites, technology companies and payment systems. With a dedication to cybersecurity he has significantly contributed to making the digital world a more secure space for everyone. Known for a strategic, data-driven approach, Zsolt's expertise in risk management and incident response has been instrumental in mitigating security threats for businesses of all sizes.

New lecture format: Fireside Chat Quarrel

Two regional Thought Leaders will defend their different points of view in front of you as representatives of the blue team and the red team. And after each completed topic, you will have the opportunity to declare whether you support the arguments of the red or blue team, by raising the racket"

Per Gustavsson

CISO Stratsys and Affiliate a Research Faculty, C4I & Cyber Center GMU
Per Gustavsson is a seasoned cybersecurity expert with a wealth of experience in threat analysis, risk assessment, and incident response. With a strong foundation in engineering and a deep passion for strengthening cybersecurity resilience, Per has been instrumental in developing innovative solutions to fortify organizations against cyber threats. His forward-thinking approach and unwavering dedication to cybersecurity excellence make him a dynamic contributor to the industry's ongoing advancement.

Magnus Carling

CISO Stena AB, a book author of Svart Kod Trilogy and Monster
I'm a versatile manager with experience in the IT business since 1995. My experience range from network engineering and server management, to IT-management frameworks and information security management. IT and security has been part of my life for a long time and I enjoy the potential IT unlock in both humans as well as enterprises - as long as it is secure. Most of my spare time I spend with my family and friends. I like to try new recipes, barbecue, explore new and old wines, go snowboarding whenever I can, run and write. Writing is a big part of my life and I write stories that are everything but ordinary.

Kranti Kumar Dasiri

Director - Security Operations & Incident Response

Experienced Security Operations Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry. Skilled in Cloud and Application Security Architecture, CCSP, ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST, MITRE ATT&CK, Threat Hunting, Cloud Security, VAPT, and Malware Analysis. Strong information technology professional ThePowerMBA.

Jakob Stenstave

The HCI Group

With a background as Naval officer for the last decade working as a Security Officer/Security Protection Officer/Data Protection Officer and Expert/Sr Project, Programme & Portfolio Manager with a Special interest in Security.- I’m always taking holistic view (Including Information, personal and physical Security), and weighing business value together with Security Risks.

Jan Olsson

Polismyndigheten, Nationellt It-brottscentrun (SC3)

Fraud expert From the time at the police's national fraud center with 30 years of experience in police work and 14 years dedicated to Fraud. Since autumn 2018, more against complex cybercrimes at the Swedish Cybercrime Center (SC3). Lectures nationally and internationally on everything from Social Engineering complexity to Monetary threats and societal consequences of laxity around Cybercrime and Fraud.

Edward Asiedu

Senior Principal Security
DataBee by Comcast Technologies Solutions

Edward Asiedu is Senior Principal Security Strategist for Comcast Technology Solutions’ DataBee™ business in EMEA. Edward joined DataBee from Splunk, where he spent nearly seven years in professional services consulting and sales engineering for cybersecurity solutions. He has deep technical expertise and experience working with public and private sector security leaders, advising on both strategy and implementation. 

Sofia Staff Frederiksen

Head of Information Security