Welcome to the Next IT Security – C-Suites Edition, the most EXCLUSIVE cyber security event in the world, where we will bring together cybersecurity leaders and experts from the Nordic to share knowledge and insights on the latest trends and technologies in the field. 

In this edition of C-Suites we will delve with some interesting business critical topics.

  • Advanced New Technologies in the Service of Security Awareness: Explore how emerging technologies are reshaping Security Awareness programs, empowering organisations with novel tools and strategies.
  • Quantum Computing Takes Center Stage: Witness the practical accessibility of quantum computing with the latest market innovations, unravelling a new era of computational possibilities.
  • Unveiling the Vulnerable World of IoT: Embark on a journey to the edge of cybersecurity, where IoT vulnerabilities pose unprecedented challenges, and innovative solutions are paramount.
  • NIS2, DORA & GDPR Continuing Impact: Navigate the evolving landscape shaped by NIS2, DORA, and GDPR regulations, influencing cybersecurity strategies and compliance measures. 
  • Cloud Challenges – Data Loss, Shared Vulnerabilities, and More: Explore the complexities surrounding data loss and recovery, shared vulnerabilities in cloud environments, and the ongoing struggle for control and visibility in the cloud landscape.

Next IT Security aims to equip our readers with insights into the forefront of cybersecurity, where adaptation and innovation are indispensable in safeguarding the digital frontier. 

Our goal is to create a collaborative environment where cybersecurity C-Suites can exchange ideas and best practices.

Agenda October 2024




Power Breakfast by


Craig Jones

Director Cybercrime at INTERPOL


  • Everything starts with awareness. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Don’t run away from new techniques on the market. Embrace it, and use it in your advantage, that’s the winners’ path.
  • Awareness is your obligation, if it’s not at a basic level, there are no excuses. You will be blamed if something goes wrong. Therefore you need to be both manager and psychologist more than technician and find appropriate ways to reach every individual. Use all resources available.
  • Trust is a key to success in everything. Both for people and for technology. But also you need always to have strings in your hands and run the business, never to rely 100% on something. The leader of their sectors knows this well!


  • Evolving IoT Threat Landscape:

Uncover the dynamic nature of threats surrounding IoT devices, from sophisticated attacks to emerging vulnerabilities, demanding a proactive cybersecurity stance.

  • Edge Computing Amplifying Risks:

Explore how the adoption of edge computing intensifies cybersecurity risks, necessitating novel strategies to secure decentralized networks and sensitive data at the edge.

  • The Human Element in IoT Security:

Delve into the often overlooked human factors contributing to IoT vulnerabilities, emphasizing the significance of user awareness, training, and responsible device usage.


Coffee break and 1-1 meetings


  • Biometric Authentication Education:

Delve into the realm of biometric authentication and its role in enhancing security awareness. Understand the principles and practices of biometrics, emphasizing the importance of biometric literacy in the modern cybersecurity landscape.

  • Interactive Simulations and Incident Response Training:

Discover the impact of interactive simulations in preparing users for real-world cyber threats. This topic emphasizes incident response training through lifelike simulations, enabling users to practice and refine their responses to security incidents.

  • Cybersecurity Virtual Labs for Hands-On Experience:

Explore the concept of cybersecurity virtual labs, providing hands-on experiences for users to interact with cybersecurity tools and scenarios. Understand the significance of practical learning in building a strong security awareness foundation.


  • Perhaps the most boring topic, but how is it that despite teams of experts and all that knowledge and experience, companies are still not compliant both to new and old regulations.
  • NIS2 a directive aimed at bolstering the cybersecurity capabilities of essential service providers and digital service providers / GDPR data privacy and protection regulation designed to safeguard individuals’ personal data and regulate its processing by organizations.
  • Why are there so many regulations and why some CISOs are beginning to suspect that it is not in the service of data protection, but serves as bait for penalties and filling of certain budgets?

Sofia Staff Frederiksen

Head of Information Security
Apoteket AB

Jan Öhman

Polystar OSIX


  • Updates on NIS2 Compliance Requirements:

Explore the latest developments in the Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2), unraveling the compliance requirements and implications for organizations. Gain insights into strategies for aligning cybersecurity practices with NIS2 standards.

  • DORA Framework for Enhanced Operational Resilience:

Delve into the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) DORA (Distributed Ledger Technology Open-source Regulatory Reporting) framework. Understand how DORA influences operational resilience and cybersecurity practices in the financial sector, providing valuable lessons for diverse industries.

  • GDPR’s Ongoing Impact on Data Protection:

Examine the ongoing influence of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data protection practices. Uncover the evolving expectations for data privacy, emphasizing the importance of adapting cybersecurity strategies to ensure continuous compliance with GDPR provisions.


Lunch Break


  • Immersive Learning Experiences:

Dive into the world of immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to revolutionize security training, creating lifelike scenarios that enhance user engagement and retention.

  • Gamification for Active Participation:

Uncover the power of gamification in transforming mundane security awareness programs into interactive and engaging experiences, fostering active participation and knowledge retention among users.

  • AI-Driven Personalized Training:

Explore the role of artificial intelligence in tailoring security awareness training, leveraging personalized content delivery, adaptive learning paths, and real-time feedback to address individual learning needs.


  • Targeting of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices. With the proliferation of IoT devices, cyber criminals will increasingly focus on exploiting their vulnerabilities
  • IoT devices often have weak security measures, making them attractive targets for hackers. We can expect attacks targeting smart homes, connected cars, and industrial IoT systems to become more prevalent.

With the widespread adoption of the internet of things (IoT) , compromise of devices can be used for data theft, botnets, or even physical damage in critical sectors.

Sharon Larsson

CISO Svenska Spel

Ola Pontén



  • Holistic Approach to Regulatory Compliance:

Discuss the need for a holistic approach to regulatory compliance, integrating NIS2, DORA, and GDPR requirements into a unified cybersecurity strategy. Highlight the benefits of an integrated approach for streamlined compliance efforts.

  • Cybersecurity as a Business Enabler:

Explore how organizations can leverage cybersecurity measures not just for compliance but as a strategic business enabler. Understand the role of cybersecurity in enhancing operational efficiency, customer trust, and overall business resilience within the regulatory framework.

  • Preparing for Future Regulatory Shifts:

Anticipate and prepare for future shifts in cybersecurity regulations. Discuss proactive measures organizations can take to adapt swiftly to evolving regulatory landscapes, ensuring a future-proof cybersecurity posture that goes beyond compliance.


Coffee Break & 1-1 meetings


  • Explore the concept of adaptive security frameworks tailored for the IoT environment, offering dynamic threat detection, real-time response mechanisms, and continuous security updates.
  • Blockchain Integration for Trustworthiness:

Uncover the potential of blockchain technology in establishing trustworthiness within IoT ecosystems, providing transparent and tamper-proof transactional records to enhance device integrity.

  • AI-Powered Threat Intelligence:

Embrace the role of artificial intelligence in IoT cybersecurity, leveraging advanced threat intelligence algorithms to predict, detect, and respond to evolving threats, ensuring a proactive defense strategy.


The transformative impact of quantum computing on cybersecurity. The potential of quantum technologies to disrupt current encryption methods, What will the emergence of quantum-safe cryptographic solutions look like? Strategic implications for securing sensitive data in the quantum era


  • Overcoming the lack of control and visibility can be challenging when you are in multi-cloud environments. We need to be on track and use every resource available, internally developed or externally provided by vendors.
  • How can we prevent data loss within shared infrastructure? Good organisation and teamwork is crucial! Everyone must know exactly what their task is and need to follow the rules.
  • When it comes to the worst case scenario, experience plays a major role. Fast acting can save your business and reputation.


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Craig Jones

Director Cybercrime at INTERPOL


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