In the world of cybersecurity, a critical shortage of experts is increasing. Why? The stress levels are skyrocketing, CISO roles are evolving, and quantifying cyber risks remains a major challenge. But wait, there’s more! Remote work is unveiling extended workplace risks, including those posed by small but potent outsourcing firms known as 2.5 party risks. Adding to the mix, AI-based solutions are stepping into the limelight, sparking debates about their status as third-party risks or lurking internal threats. And as we open the door to Web 3.0 and blockchain, we’re met with both thrilling opportunities and complex challenges. Amid all this, safeguarding cloud infrastructure stands tall as a top priority. Welcome to the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity!

Agenda March 2024




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In today’s dynamic business environment, outsourcing has become a budget-friendly norm. However, the rise of non-major suppliers, or “2.5 party”, presents new challenges. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of 2.5 party risk management and its role in mitigating risks in an increasingly outsourced workplace.

  • As remote work becomes more prevalent, can we apply the same risk management strategies used for major suppliers to our remote workforce? Discover why even small-scale outsourcing firms can pose substantial security threats and learn strategies to address these risks.
  • With the ongoing shift towards remote work and outsourcing, how will this impact the future of our workplaces? Will we see a surge or decline in these trends? As these changes redefine our workplaces, it’s crucial that our cybersecurity strategies evolve in tandem. Join us to explore these pressing questions and more.

Arnaud Wiehe

Managing Director Information Security at FedEx and the author of award winning “The Book On Cybersecurity” and “Emerging Tech, Emerging Threats”


 In the face of an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape, the dwindling number and potential attrition of professional staff pose significant challenges. How did we arrive at this critical juncture, and why is the trend of decreasing cybersecurity professionals expected to continue?

  • As we grapple with these challenges, it’s crucial to understand the actual demand for cybersecurity experts. Are we doing enough to cultivate a robust talent pipeline? Join us as we examine the current and projected demand for cybersecurity professionals across diverse sectors.
  • Turning the Tide – What proactive measures can we take to stem this outflow? Explore practical strategies and industry best practices that can help organizations reverse the trend of a declining professional workforce.

Thomas Evertsson

Head of IT & Facility Management
DNB Bank

Rolf Lindby

Bulls Press

Brian O'Toole

Head of Digital Services Security Centre


As the adoption of cloud computing soars, security concerns also skyrocket. Don’t let your data be vulnerable to threats!

In this session you will learn how to Secure your Cloud with AI.

Find out about a solution that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to revolutionize cloud security. Our advanced algorithms can analyze massive volumes of data in real-time, detecting potential security threats that may slip past human analysts unnoticed. Imagine having an extra pair of intelligent eyes safeguarding your valuable information 24/7. With our AI-driven cloud solution, you gain unparalleled protection against sophisticated cyberattacks and unauthorized access

attempts. Rest easy knowing that every pattern or anomaly is identified swiftly, ensuring no threat goes undetected.

Join the session and witness firsthand how our solution can fortify your defenses against evolving threats. Choose cutting-edge technology for total cloud protection.


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MDR solution for a busy CISO

Think of a solution that can help alleviate the burden of routine tasks and reduce skills shortages. By incorporating AI and Automation into your security operations, you can free up your valuable team members to focus on more strategic initiatives.

With the use of AI, you have the potential to address the skills shortage within your organization effectively. This means reducing vulnerability to financial loss, operational disruption, and other risks associated with limited manpower. Implementing security services such as managed detection and response (MDR) will give you peace of

mind knowing that expert assistance is at hand.

To ensure the safety and success of your organization, explore our MDR Solution in this session. Embrace automation technology powered by artificial intelligence to bridge the gaps left by skill shortages. Attend to learn how we can empower your cybersecurity program with efficiency. Don’t let skills shortages compromise your

company’s security – act decisively for a secure future!


As AI-based solutions become increasingly integral to our business operations, the threat landscape evolves in tandem, potentially outpacing our current defenses. This session underscores the critical role of supervision and governance in safely and effectively navigating the AI journey. This session underscores the critical role of supervision and governance in safely and effectively navigating the AI journey were we will address challenges with integrity across the data/AI lifecycle, emphasizing vigilance against potential adversarial interference in data, training, and model outcomes. In addition, we will cover the need for ethical AI practices and avoidance of algorithmic bias, the necessity for AI applications to conform to sector-specific and regional regulations, highlight the importance of scalability to allow efficient growth as AI workloads increase, and explore the need for interoperability to avoid vendor lock-in when transitioning AI models.

Join us to acquire the tools and knowledge essential for mitigating AI risks under vigilant oversight.

Per Gustavsson

Stratsys and Affiliate a Research Faculty,
C4I & Cyber Center GMU, US


  • The rise of remote work has transformed the way we conduct business. But with this shift comes new security challenges. How secure are these remote locations, especially when there’s no clearly defined clause on where one can work remotely? Join us as we explore the revolution of remote work and outsourcing.
  • As smaller outsourcing companies (2.5 parties) become more prevalent, should they be viewed with the same scrutiny as large third-party suppliers? Whether they’re engaged for budget reduction or one-time projects, learn how organizations are adapting their security posture to include 2.5 PRM as a crucial component.
  • As we move away from traditional business models, what are the best practices to protect against these emerging risks? Engage in a thought-provoking discussion on agile security strategies designed to address the cybersecurity challenges posed by this transformation.

Lars Ponten


Martin Karlsson

Svensk E-identitet AB

Patrick Kall

Head of Security GRC


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Are your privileged access objectives aligned with your vendor’s access needs?

Imagine a solution that simplifies provisioning access for external vendors while ensuring zero trust third-party access.

With our solution, you can connect vendors and block threats effortlessly. This innovative solution ensures that third-party entities have the necessary privileged access to corporate resources without compromising security.

Don’t let restrictive access hinder your third-party vendors from performing their tasks effectively. Take control of vendor off-boarding and simplify user provisioning.

Attend this session to experience seamless connectivity and ensure maximum security in managing privileged vendor access!


  • As AI development accelerates, it’s increasingly being viewed as a potential third-party risk. How rapidly is this landscape evolving, and how can we keep pace? Join us as we delve into the intensifying debate surrounding AI-based solutions.
  • If an organization utilizes AI-based solutions from a supplier, it’s considered a third-party risk. But what if the solution is developed in-house? Traditionally, employees are seen as potential inside threats, but should this view extend to internally developed AI programs, given their capabilities?
  • Just because a solution is AI-based doesn’t necessarily mean it’s immune to AI-based attacks. Could our AI-based security solutions potentially become our vulnerabilities? Engage in insightful discussions within the CISO community about AI’s role in the risk landscape and understand the importance of assessing the security implications of integrating AI-based solutions.

Andrew Winberg

Head of Information Security

Sharon Larsson

Svenska Spel

Magnus Carling

Stena AB

Bjorn Johren

Max Matthiessen


Introducing our SOAR – the ultimate solution designed specifically for busy CISOs. With this powerful solution, you can finally break free from the chains of monotonous manual work.

Imagine automating those laborious tasks that used to take hours – instantly multiplying your force and efficiency. Say goodbye to mind-numbing repetitions and hello to a streamlined workflow that actually works for you!

Take charge of your security strategy by harnessing the power of SOAR today. Unleash your full potential, reclaim valuable time, and become an indispensable force within your team and company. Don’t let wasted hours hold you back any longer; invest your time in this session and elevate yourself as a leading CISO now!


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Are you struggling with the lack of control and visibility in your cloud environments?

Gain complete visibility over all your cloud environments with our groundbreaking solution!

This session will introduce our solution which will help you to overcome the lack of control in the cloud. Imagine having the power to view all your cloud environments from a single pane of glass!

Our solution utilizes AI/ML technology that leverages historical data to train algorithms, providing them with a baseline understanding of normal behavior. With this advanced capability, you can effortlessly monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize all your valuable cloud resources.

Don’t let the complexities of gaining visibility over your clouds hold you back. Take action now by joining our exclusive session. Reserve your spot now!


As the guardian of an organization’s cybersecurity, you face the critical task of managing daily responsibilities while also dedicating time to strategic planning and innovation. This delicate balance requires you to effectively utilize resources and seek collaboration with cybersecurity solution providers.

Join us for an insightful session as we explore how CISOs can navigate the challenges of workload balance and forge partnerships that provide invaluable support, resources, and expertise. 

Discover the importance of leveraging these collaborations to stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threats that threaten organizational security. We will cover:

– The multifaceted role of the modern CISO – Balancing responsibilities and strategic initiatives
– Building effective relationships with cybersecurity solution providers
– Building Strong Partnerships – the importance of collaboration between CISOs and cybersecurity solution providers
– Strategies for maintaining and strengthening partnerships over time

Josef Joo

Head of Global Cyber Defense & Incident Response
Schneider Electric


Privileged access rights should be aligned with your vendor’s access needs.

As a CISO, you understand the importance of providing third-parties with the necessary access to corporate resources. However, finding the right balance between granting enough access without compromising security can be challenging. That’s where PAM for TPRM comes in.

With PAM for TPRM, you can simplify provisioning access for external vendors while ensuring utmost security. By implementing zero trust third-party access protocols, you can confidently connect vendors without exposing your organization to potential threats.

Attend to learn what our PAM solution can do for your secure cooperation with your vendors and experience streamlined vendor onboarding and offboarding processes that align with your privileged access objectives.


Leg stretcher and book signing by Arnaud Wiehe - the author of award winning “The Book On Cybersecurity” and “Emerging Tech, Emerging Threats”

Arnaud Wiehe

Managing Director Information Security,


Web 3.0 is the next generation of the web, where data is decentralized, intelligent, and semantic. This new web promises to empower users with more control, privacy, and innovation, but also poses new challenges and risks for cybersecurity. Learn how blockchain technology can provide solutions for securing data, identity, and transactions in Web 3.0, as well as the emerging threats and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

Arnaud Wiehe

Managing Director Information Security,

Tiago Teles

Head of Data Insights and Issue Management


The widespread adoption of cloud computing has ushered in a new era of agility and scalability for organizations. However, with these opportunities come unique cloud security challenges that demand our attention. In this enlightening keynote session, we will delve into the critical security considerations that every organization must address as they journey into the cloud.


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