November 14, 2024

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Global and Benelux Security Trends For 2025

Negotiation in Ransomware - To Pay or Not to Pay

Shadow IT - Outside CISO’s Visibility

Cloud Security Challenges - From Digitalization To Misconfiguration

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Practise

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Jelena Zelenović Matone

CISO at European Investment Bank, Member of World Economic Forum and founding board member and first president of Women4Cyber & Woman Cyber Force
CISO of the year award for 2019, Luxembourg. The Global Cyber Sentinel Award Winner 2020 for immense contribution to cybersecurity domain globally. CISO of the year Europe 2021. Versatile and innovative professional with emphasis on cyber security risk management, policies and procedures creation, IT/IS security, IT Operations, audit, risk mitigation, business process improvement and IT governance. Proven results in building internal and external client relationships, even at government levels for best cybersecurity practices, and driving growth in competitive and ever-changing markets. Proactive in assessing and responding to market and consumer trends. Highly effective at identifying and implementing business process improvements while safeguarding and adding to controls. Skilled at communicating effectively with clients, senior management and colleagues.

Filip Nowak

Global Head of Cyber Defence Ferrero
Filip Nowak's extensive expertise and MBA qualification uniquely position him as an exceptional speaker for the Supply Chain discourse. His substantial experience in Procurement and Supply Chain Management reflects a deep grasp of the complexities and challenges inherent in this domain. With a strategic outlook, he excels in optimizing supply chain operations, offering insights into bolstering resilience, managing risks, and fostering collaborative ties throughout the supply chain network. Filip's profound knowledge holds the potential to provide illuminating viewpoints, empowering businesses to navigate the intricacies of contemporary supply chain landscapes with confidence and competence.

Zsolt Fabian

Group Cybersecurity Lead Byborg Enterprises
Zsolt is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with a career spanning over 15 years. As a Group Cybersecurity Lead, Zsolt has built robust security programs and assembled high-performing teams for some of the world's Top 100 high-traffic websites, technology companies and payment systems. With a dedication to cybersecurity he has significantly contributed to making the digital world a more secure space for everyone. Known for a strategic, data-driven approach, Zsolt's expertise in risk management and incident response has been instrumental in mitigating security threats for businesses of all sizes.

Erik Frambach

CISO Pensioenfonds Rail & Openbaar Vervoer
Making IT work for the business has always been my motto. After I left university with a MSc in biology I put this motto into practice by developing "e-learning software" for the Open University. My interest then shifted towards network architecture and technology, and the Internet and its applications. Information security soon became my specialty. Certifications: CISSP, CISM, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, CIPP/E. Next stop: CCISO or CCSP. I've participated in many projects involving information security, identity & access management, and IT governance & compliance. Working with businesses both big and small, local and multi-national,