November 14, 2024

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Unique agenda featuring the hottest topics, curated by our CISO community, with decision makers in one room for the entire day, and a limited number of exclusive content contributors.

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We prepared these hot topics crucial for you just in November 2024 due to the unique BeNeLux cyber landscape including: highly interconnected supply chains, dependance on third party vendors, and the region’s high adoption of multi-cloud which is  the next frontier. All these raise the need for a new cloud security operations model and the need for safeguarding your IoT ecosystems.

In addition,  increased cyber threats during the holiday season impose development of a strong cybersecurity workforce,  with you as a leader of building cyber resilience.

That is why you must stay updated on the latest trends to effectively protect your leadership position and your organization.

Agenda November 2024




Seated Working Roundtable Breakfast


Stay ahead of emerging threats and industry trends by gaining insights into the future of cybersecurity globally and in the Benelux. Understanding these trends will enable you to proactively address security challenges and protect your organization effectively.
• Discover the latest trends shaping the future of cybersecurity.
• Gain insights into emerging threats, innovative technologies, and regulatory changes that will impact cybersecurity strategies in 2025.

Craig Jones

Director Cybercrime at INTERPOL


With our panelists explore innovative approaches to building  and retaining skilled and diverse security workforce. Learn how to integrate new methodologies while empowering visionaries within your team to drive security initiatives forward.
• Hear experiences on how blending skill sets, democratizing and fostering visionars can transform your security team.
• Learn how to cultivate a highly skilled, diverse, and innovative workforce capable of addressing the evolving threats of tomorrow.
• You will leave with new approach for building a future-ready workforce that can drive cybersecurity excellence within your organization.


With digital transformation accelerating across industries, it is crucial to understand its security implications. Gain strategies for securing all your environments and mitigating risks associated with digital transformation initiatives.
• Discover hidden role of cloud technologies in driving digital transformation  across industries.
• What are the security implications of multi-cloud adoption and strategies for securing them effectively.
• Position yourself organization for success in the digital age by embracing changes of digital transformation.
• You will gain insights into securing your organization’s journey through digital transformation and maximizing the benefits of cloud technologies.


Coffee break and 1-1 meetings


Equip your IT workforce with the skills necessary to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Find out how to foster critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and a culture of innovation to tackle complex security challenges effectively.
• Discover the essential skills and qualities required for the IT workforce of the future.
• Explore the importance of critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and innovation in navigating the evolving cybersecurity landscape.
• You will learn how to equip your IT workforce with the capabilities needed to address complex cybersecurity challenges and drive innovation within your organization.
And more, how to cultivate a future-ready IT workforce and position your organization for success in the digital age.


First-hand negotiation tactics from the field proffesional.
• Understand the challenges and implications of ransomware negotiations.
• Learn the negotiation process.
• Gain the confidence and expertise needed to decide to hire a negotiator, pay or reject an ultimatum.
• Develop strategies for minimizing ransomware impact and enhance your readiness to respond.

Sofia Staff Frederiksen

Head of Information Security
Apoteket AB

Jan Öhman

Polystar OSIX


• Every CISO is struggling to secure sufficient budget.
There are innovative strategies for defending your cybersecurity budget amidst competing organizational priorities.
• Learn how to effectively communicate the value of cybersecurity investments and secure necessary resources to protect your organization from cyber threats.
• Develop a robust budget strategy that aligns with organizational objectives and enables proactive risk management and threat mitigation.
• Don’t let budget constraints compromise your organization’s security posture, since you might be blaimed. Attend this talk to gain actionable insights into building your business case effectively.


Lunch Break & 1-1 Meetings


Discover new trends how embedded AI can revolutionize incident response by automating detection, analysis, and mitigation processes. Leverage AI-powered solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your incident response capabilities.
• Unlock the potential of your AI solutions to streamline incident response workflows, reduce response times, and minimize the impact of cybersecurity incidents.
• Do not miss the opportunity to leverage automating incident response and strengthening your organization’s cyber resilience.


The challenges posed by shadow IT and its impact on the visibility and control of assets are getting bigger.
• The risks associated with unauthorized IT deployments and the potential consequences for organizational security are neglected too often.
• Develop strategy for identifying and mitigating shadow IT risks as well as for enhancing the visibility and control of  your organization’s assets.
• Don’t let shadow IT compromise your organization’s security. Don’t play dead. Join us on this session to gain actionable insights into managing shadow IT and turning it to official IT. This will strengthen your overall cybersecurity posture and make you sleep well at night.


Do you think all hackers are experts? Wrong!
Learn about the rising threat posed by lower-skilled threat actors leveraging quantity over sophistication.
• Understand the tactics employed by these threat actors and the impact of their attacks on organizations of all sizes.
• After this session you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to defend against such threat actors and minimize the risk of successful cyberattacks.


Coffee Break & 1-1 meetings


• Discover new challenges of remote work and the implications for organizational cybersecurity.
Find out what are the missing steps to address the remote workforce security in distributed digital landscape.
• If you haven’t aready, implement necessary security measures to protect remote workers and valuable corporate data.
• Attend this session to learn how to secure your remote workforce and mitigate the risks associated with distributed endpoints.


Understand the evolving tactics used by threat actors to target corporate and government critical infrastructure and learn proactive measures to safeguard vital assets.
Learn about the tactics used by threat actors to target vital assets and infrastructure and the potential impact of such attacks.
Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to protect your critical infrastructure from ransomware threats and ensure the continuity of essential services.


  • Is your team stretched amongst dozens of various security tools and services?
    • Learn the benefits of integrated cybersecurity solutions and how they can streamline operations, enhance visibility, and improve threat detection and response capabilities.
    • Earn your team’s time and nerves. Simplify your cybersecurity infrastructure and maximize efficiency by consolidating tools and technologies under a single, comprehensive platform.
    • Don’t miss this session and discover the advantages of tools’ consolidation, and learn how to optimize your cybersecurity operations.


Leg Stretcher


What are the implications of dependence on foreign companies for infrastructure, services and cybersecurity?
Understand the risks associated with relying on external vendors and suppliers of critical services and what are pertaining cybersecurity implications.
• Learn to develop strategies for mitigating this dependency and enhance the resilience.


Dive into the un-noticed challenges of cloud, including misconfigurations and inadequate monitoring.
• Explore best practices for addressing these challenges and ensuring the security and compliance of cloud deployments.
• Strenghten your cloud security posture by implementing effective strategies for mitigating risks associated with misconfigurations and poor monitoring.
• Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from experts in cloud security at the conference.




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