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Daniel Riddarvinge

Information Security Officer
Saminvest AB

Drawing from a wealth of experience apparent in his diverse array of articles, Daniel Riddarvinge demonstrates a deep-seated comprehension of the crucial theme “Bridging the Gap between Technical and Non-Technical Departments.” His insightful writings reflect his adeptness in maneuvering through the intricacies of harmonizing these departments cohesively. With his profound insights, Daniel is poised to shed light on strategies that facilitate improved communication, seamless collaboration, and mutual comprehension between technical and non-technical spheres. His adept guidance holds the potential to elevate organizational efficiency and synergy to new heights.

Elin Ryrfeldt


Elin Ryrfeldt’s profound expertise encompassing Information Security, Risk Management, Crisis Management, and Data Privacy renders her a pivotal contributor to the panel addressing “Bridging the Gap between Technical and Non-Technical Departments.” With a remarkable 15-year trajectory and her current role as CISO at Axfood, Elin embodies proficiency in orchestrating seamless collaboration across these realms. Her insights hold the potential to illuminate strategies that streamline communication, augment mutual comprehension, and cultivate synergistic efforts between technical and non-technical units. Elin’s contributions promise to propel comprehensive organizational achievement to new heights.

Johan Nordin

Director of IT & IS
Extenda Retail

Johan started his career deep in Unix, Linux and IT Security. He currently holds a full time role as Director of IT & IS (combined CIO/CISO) at Extenda Retail, a global SaaS company. Alongside this he is also Chair of the Board in two publically listed SaaS companies, ChargePanel and Euroafrica Digital Ventures.

Over the last 20 years Johan has gained experience from business development, technology, security, coding, start-ups, scale-ups, executive leadership and board assignments, public speaking etc. From time to time he freelance via Agilefirst, and he has held permanent roles at Danske Bank, East Capital, Nasdaq, Citi & Lehman Brothers.

Since joining Extenda Retail Johan has come back to hands-on security work after a few years of focusing purely on executive roles. He has hired a new security organization, drafted and currently implementing a security investment programme incl. ISO27001, and also led the response to a major Ransomware infection impacting nationwide on-prem software installations.

Mikael Nyman

Head of IT Security

With a background spanning technical and non-technical domains, Mikael Nyman is well-suited for the panel discussion on “Bridging the Gap between Technical and Non-Technical Departments.” With over 15 years of experience in leading diverse teams, his insights encompass both spheres. This unique perspective enables him to elucidate strategies that facilitate effective communication, collaboration, and synergy between these departments. Mikael’s ability to align technological understanding with non-technical functions positions him as a valuable speaker to explore practical ways to overcome challenges and achieve harmonious cross-functional dynamics.

Marcus Küchler

Head of Global IT Security

With two decades of leadership experience, which encompasses guiding both individual leaders and virtual teams, my leadership philosophy has crystallized into a fundamental belief. I understand leadership not as a self-claimed title, but as an accolade bestowed by others over time, subject to constant scrutiny by one’s environment. Throughout my career, I’ve found genuine satisfaction in instances where I’ve been acknowledged as a leader by various stakeholders—be it direct reports, superiors, peers, partners, or customers. This recognition from diverse perspectives validates the authenticity of my leadership approach, rooted in earned respect and consistent impact on those I lead and collaborate with.

Aki Khan

WSP I Sverige

Aki Khan’s profound expertise in cybersecurity leadership and strategic management positions him as an exceptional panelist for the dialogue on “Human Factor in Cybersecurity – Will Machines Replace Humans?” His extensive experience in orchestrating organizations through intricate security landscapes and harmonizing human and technological endeavors equips him with invaluable insights into the intricate synergy between human proficiency and AI-driven automation to fortify cyber resilience. Aki’s nuanced understanding of how human acumen complements cutting-edge technology ensures a holistic defense mechanism. His profound insights will undoubtedly enhance the panel’s discourse on the dynamic role of humans amid the relentless march of technological progress. 

Bernard Helou

Cybersecurity Manager
Schibsted News Media

Boasting an impressive 15-year journey in information security, Bernard has carved a distinct niche as a cybersecurity consultant, serving as a trusted advisor to distinguished CAC40 entities in Paris for nearly a decade. His transition to internal roles as an information security manager underscores his deep-seated understanding of security dynamics. Bernard’s expertise encompasses an array of domains, spanning from fostering security awareness to architecting data protection strategies and formulating contingency blueprints. His rich proficiencies uniquely position him as an asset in the discourse on “Challenges with GDPR.” With his multifaceted insights, Bernard’s participation is set to elevate conversations surrounding the intricate realm of data protection regulations.

Jonas Rendahl


I work as CISO at Aurobay (Powertrain Engineering Sweden AB). I live south of Gothenburg with my wife and daughter.

I started my interest in computers and security at an early age. I have worked within IT since early 2000 but I have worked within many different industries and areas before that. Within IT I have worked with things like development, support, testing, management, audits, disaster and recovery, architecture, operational security and almost all aspects of security you can think of.

I have a keen interest in security and love the fact that it is such a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. From all of my experiences I have learnt that nothing is static and that all experiences are something to learn from.

Scott Melnyk

Internationella Engelska Skolan

With a rich professional background in data protection and privacy, Scott Melnyk is an ideal candidate to speak on the topic of GDPR. His comprehensive experience in leading global privacy compliance programs and designing effective data governance strategies highlights his profound expertise in this field. Scott’s role as the Chief Privacy Officer at Klarna, coupled with his prior engagements at renowned companies, showcases his commitment to ensuring regulatory compliance and safeguarding sensitive data. His strong grasp of the legal and technical aspects of GDPR, along with his ability to bridge these dimensions, makes him a valuable contributor to discussions surrounding GDPR’s challenges and implications. As an accomplished privacy professional, Scott’s insights will undoubtedly enrich the discourse on the complex landscape of data protection in today’s digital age.

Anders Nørklit Thingholm

Global Information Security Officer
DANX Carousel Group

Anders is an accomplished information security professional with extensive experience in various domains of the field. His journey from a technical security expert to a security manager has allowed him to consistently prove his capabilities and excel in different aspects of information security.

At DANXCarousel, Anders’s current position presents him with a unique set of challenges in an M&A focused environment. This demanding role puts his skills to the test as he navigates the complexities and risks associated with mergers and acquisitions. Anders’s expertise in information security plays a crucial role in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical assets during these transactions.

With his proven track record and in-depth understanding of information security principles, Anders effectively manages the evolving landscape of threats and vulnerabilities. His ability to assess risks, develop strategic solutions, and lead teams has been instrumental in safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining the security posture of  DANXCarousel. Anders’s contributions in this dynamic environment demonstrate his proficiency as an information security professional.. 

Knud Kokborg

Global IT Compliance Manager

Knud Kokborg’s seasoned experience in legal and data protection fields uniquely qualify him as an exceptional panelist for the Challenges with GDPR discussion. With a background in Law and extensive work in data privacy, he offers profound insights into navigating the intricate landscape of GDPR compliance. His expertise spans advising organizations on data protection strategies, ensuring lawful data handling, and addressing complexities arising from GDPR regulations. Knud’s contributions promise to shed light on practical approaches, potential hurdles, and strategies for harmonizing business operations with stringent data privacy standards, benefiting both legal and technical stakeholders alike.

Marianne Hove Solberg

SpareBank 1 SMN

Marianne is a seasoned Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with a wealth of experience in the financial services industry. With a holistic approach to information security, she is passionate about aligning organizational goals with strong security culture and measures. Join Marianne as she shares insights and expertise on navigating GDPR challenges and the role of the Information Security Function in ensuring compliance.

Emilio Soressi

Business Information Security Officer (BISO)
Posti Group Suomi Oy

Emilio works as a Business Information Security Officer (BISO) at Posti, the main Finnish postal service delivering mail and parcels in Finland, and over the past years he has been responsible for implementing the company security policy and security guidelines in his business unit and developing information security processes and practices. In addition, lately he has focused particularly on helping application development teams implementing the secure software development life cycle (SSDLC), raising awareness among not only developers but also business owners on the importance of embedding security on each stage of their products and services life cycle.

Lilia Karlqvist

Digital Account Executive

 Elastic Chief Information Security Officer Mandy Andress, CISSP, is a published author and former lead of the information security function at MassMutual with a long career in information risk and security. She holds a JD, Master’s in management information systems, and BBA in accounting.

Fredrik Karbing

Security Evangelist

Fredrik Karbing is an IT security expert with over 20 years of experience in IT and product/business development – spanning business areas like FinTech, Media, Health Care & Retail all around the globe. Over time, his focus increasingly shifted towards architecting and designing solutions with security – specifically Cloud Security – in mind. Fredrik’s passion is in the center of where technology and business meet, and as a result, that is what he does; solving customer needs of today and tomorrow at WIZ.

Harish Sekar

Senior Technical Evangelist

Harish Sekar is a senior technical evangelist at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp. He is regularly seen presenting at international conferences and seminars on how to leverage technology better. He specializes in guiding IT administrators & security professionals across the globe to better administer their hybrid Active Directory and ways to strengthen their organizations’ security.

Javvad Malik

Lead Security Awareness Advocate

Description is being prepared…

Mandy Andress


 Elastic Chief Information Security Officer Mandy Andress, CISSP, is a published author and former lead of the information security function at MassMutual with a long career in information risk and security. She holds a JD, Master’s in management information systems, and BBA in accounting.

Robby Coppens

Director, Solutions Engineer Central Europe

Robby Coppens has spent his career building solutions with any kind of technology to enable businesses throughout Europe. Robby started in the networking world but added a passion for security soon after. Today, with more than 20 years of ICT experience, in different roles in resellers, distribution, and vendors, Robby focuses on supporting the transformation and security strategies for Netskope’s clients across Central Europe.

Maxime Cartier

Human Risk Management Advisor

Maxime is a Human Risk Management leader, who has built Security Awareness, Behaviour and Culture programs for global companies in manufacturing, aerospace, and in his previous role at H&M Group. His goal is to help people stay safe online, and support organisations make the switch from raising awareness to effectively changing behaviours and culture. He’s currently an Advisor at Hoxhunt – a human risk management platform – supporting them in building the future of the product.

Pauliina Hartikainen

Head of Cybersecurity Awareness and Culture

Pauliina gets energy from seeing successful shifts from security resistance to resilience. She contributes to building a strong and sustainable cybersecurity culture by leading awareness program at KONE, which is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, making the world’s cities better places to live in by improving people flow.

Lyzia van Iterson

Information Security Manager
LKQ Europe

Lyzia is a seasoned expert shaping the cybersecurity landscape. Her dynamic insights, as showcased in her works, demonstrate her commitment to fostering digital resilience. With a diverse background and extensive knowledge, she is a driving force in addressing emerging threats and empowering organizations to navigate complex security challenges.

Arseny Kapralov

Head of Operational Security

Arseny Kapralov, an accomplished cybersecurity professional, brings multifaceted expertise to the table. His journey through various roles has equipped him with insights spanning risk assessment, threat analysis, and incident response. With a solid foundation in engineering and a passion for enhancing cybersecurity resilience, Arseny thrives in developing innovative solutions that fortify organizations against cyber threats. His forward-thinking approach and dedication to cybersecurity excellence make him a dynamic contributor to the industry’s ongoing advancement.

Paul Newton

Paul Newton, under the brand MentalTheft has become the biggest voice for bridging the gap between cybersecurity experts and the average person. As a charismatic and exciting entertainer, Paul wows and captivates audiences, all whilst educating them on the issues of scams, theft and cyber security. Loved by industry experts and everyday people alike, Paul and his team are helping to increase security and to fight crime.

Victoria van Roosmalen


Victoria van Roosmalen focuses on empowering a brighter future. She drives to foster safety and the right to privacy in the ever-evolving cyber realm by navigating others towards thoughtful outcomes and elegant solutions. Victoria invests in sharing and elevating her expertise in IT, security, and privacy—including the intersection with relevant laws and regulations.

She speaks at conferences across Europe, serves the IAPP, and sits on numerous global advisory boards as a trusted voice. Victoria holds prestigious industry certifications, educates students in her areas of expertise, and helps forge (new) industry standards and materials—such as from NIST and the EDPB. In 2019, she was first recognised for making “significant contributions to the security and privacy sectors”.

Victoria fuels her passion for mastering her crafts by diving deep into subject matters. It boosts her power to rapidly uncover flaws, (fore)see adverse effects, and defend against any dark arts beyond your expectations—whether deeply technical or psychological. Although playing safe doesn’t allow us to flourish, Victoria is determined to help others stay ahead and reveal the seemingly impossible yet possible.

Antanas Kedys


With a wealth of experience in cybersecurity, Antanas Kedys possesses a deep understanding of information security and risk management. His roles in both public and private sectors have honed his expertise in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance with regulations. Antanas’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity practices is evident through his leadership roles and contributions to the field. His comprehensive knowledge and strategic insights make him a valuable asset in addressing the evolving challenges of the cybersecurity landscape.

Daniela Almeida Lourenço


With extensive experience in IT and cybersecurity, Daniela Almeida Lourenço is well-versed in the intricacies of technology and risk management. Her roles in various industries have honed her expertise in bridging technical and non-technical aspects. As a seasoned professional, she brings insights into fostering collaboration, streamlining communication, and achieving synergy between diverse departments. With a focus on aligning technology with organizational goals, Daniela’s wealth of knowledge and experience contribute significantly to the field of cybersecurity and effective interdepartmental coordination.

dr. Swantje Westpfahl

Director (CEO)
Institute for Security and Safety

Dr. Swantje Westpfahl is the director of the Institute for Security and Safety. As a key point of contact
with international institutions, she is the ISS’s representative at the United Nations OEWG on ICT in
the context of international security, the Head of the European Initiatives Task Force of the EE-ISAC,
and takes part in several cyber security working groups in the WEF. Her main areas of expertise are
establishing a security culture, capacity building and didactics (due to her studying to become a
teacher), cyber security in international relations, and AI (due to her Ph D in Computational
Linguistics). Most of all, she's dedicated to empower her team in order to strenghten Cyber Security
around the world.

Lorena Carthy-Willmot

Digital Forensics & Cyber Security
East Police District Norway

Lorena Carthy-Wilmot, with pronouns she/her/hers, operates within the realm of Digital Forensics and Incident Response within the Norwegian Police. She previously held the position of Head at PwC’s Forensic Technology Services Lab in Oslo. Lorena possesses a BSc (Hons) in Digital Forensics from Noroff University College (Kristiansand, Norway), and an MSc in Cybersecurity from Teesside University in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom. Her passion lies profoundly in forensics, particularly digital forensics, driving her to delve into subjects for hours. She also displays a keen interest in OSINT, Cyber Threat Intelligence, InfoSec, as well as embracing new tools and engaging in research.

Patrick Ghion

Head Regional Cyber Competence Centres
Western Switzerland (RC3) at State of Geneve

Patrick, a seasoned cybersecurity professional, blends technical acumen with strategic leadership. His career, showcased in his profile, highlights his role in fortifying digital landscapes. With a robust history of managing complex security challenges, Patrick’s expertise enriches discussions on modern cyber threats and risk mitigation.

Roelof Kroon

Corporate Information Security Officer

Roelof is a visionary leader adept at steering transformative projects. With a strategic outlook, he excels in business development, innovation, and seamless technology integration. Roelof’s passion for growth and change consistently drives impactful solutions for intricate challenges, making him an invaluable asset to any endeavor.

Trish McGill

Executive Subject Matter Expert – Cyber Security IT/OT

Trish, a sought-after keynote speaker and esteemed panelist, graces global conferences with her expertise. Her engagements span from roundtables to vlogs and podcasts, where she shares profound insights on Cyber Security. Committed to community growth, she nurtures emerging talent as a coach for Cyber Security interns, embodying the spirit of mentorship.

Jack Krul


Drawing from an extensive cybersecurity background, Jack Krul stands as a dynamic professional skilled in navigating complex digital landscapes. With a strategic approach, he leverages his rich experience to fortify organizations against evolving cyber threats. His leadership in innovative solutions showcases a commitment to technological excellence, ensuring robust protection in an ever-changing digital realm.

Arno van de Velde

Principal Solutions Architect

Arno is a seasoned solution architect with over a decade of demonstrated experience in the information technology sector, with a primary focus on the Benelux region and in the areas of Security and AI. He is passionate about helping customers on their journey with the various applications of Elastic solutions, and helping organizations succeed with their individual use cases, however complex or simple they may be.

Davide Davolio

Western and Southern Europe Security Specialist

Davide Davolio, a dynamic professional with a rich multidisciplinary background, is dedicated to exploring the nexus of technology, design, and creativity. His work transcends conventional boundaries, encompassing areas such as architectural design, digital fabrication, and interactive installations. With an emphasis on pushing innovative boundaries, Davide’s expertise and passion fuel his mission to redefine traditional design paradigms and create transformative experiences.

Nicole van der Meulen

Cyber Security Evangelist

Nicole is a visionary cybersecurity leader with a track record of driving transformative initiatives. Her multidisciplinary expertise, reflected in her profile, showcases her proficiency in orchestrating comprehensive security strategies. With a wealth of experience, she stands as a driving force in navigating evolving digital landscapes, ensuring organizations’ robust cyber defenses and resilience.

Jelle Wieringa

Security Awareness Advocate

Jelle Wieringa has over 20 years of experience in business development, sales, management and marketing. In his current role as Security Awareness Advocate for EMEA for KnowBe4, he helps organizations of all sizes understand why more emphasis is needed on the human factor, and how to manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. His goal is to help organizations and users increase their resilience by making smarter security decisions. Previously, Wieringa was responsible for building an AI-driven platform for security operations at a leading managed security provider. Wieringa holds the SACP certification.

Harish Sekar

Senior Technical Evangelist

Harish Sekar is a senior technical evangelist at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp. He is regularly seen presenting at international conferences and seminars on how to leverage technology better. He specializes in guiding IT administrators & security professionals across the globe to better administer their hybrid Active Directory and ways to strengthen their organizations’ security.

Mario Procopio

Founder and Managing Director

Mario Procopio is the Managing Director of Pro CISO®, with over 25 years of CISO experience in multinational enterprises. He possesses a combination of technical, legal, and soft skills, that have allowed him to build cyber security teams with the mission of protecting enterprises while enabling their digital transformations.  Mario has a technical background, but also holds a degree in law, and an MBA, that facilitate the complex task of addressing normative and business requirements into technical specifications. He holds CISSP, CCSP, CISM and ISO certifications in the fields of Information Security, Risk Management, Business Continuity and Supply Chain security.

Naomi Levi

Cybersecurity Director

Naomi Levi is the Cybersecurity Director of Pro CISO®, with a rich experience as CISO, having served for various renowned organizations, both within their internal leadership teams and presently, as a virtual CISO within her current company. Blending both internal management and consulting, she emerges as a dynamic leader, showcasing profound expertise in instigating change and supporting IT transformations. Naomi has an extensive background in building security culture, bringing with her the knowledge and the energy it takes to build bridges, integrate, and foster cybersecurity in organizations across diverse industries.

Frans van Ierland

Cloud Security Craftsman

Frans worked for companies like Splunk, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and Phoenix

Technologies and has held a list of positions in the cybersecurity, identity, and data

integration space through his 35+ years of working with Fortune 500 companies.

Currently, Frans is appointed to run an advisory role at; He is currently working on

Contextual Cloud security, intelligent infrastructure, and workload protection strategies.

Tiago Teles

Head of Data Insights and Issue Management

Tiago Teles has 15+ years of cybersecurity leadership experience. He is currently an InfoSec manager at ABN AMRO bank and a cybersecurity lecturer at TIAS Business School. His passion lies in understanding cutting edge technologies and how best to secure them. He is the author of the upcoming book “Emerging Tech, Emerging Threats” (together with author Arnaud Wiehe). He holds an MBA and the CISSP certification.

Ramsés Gallego

Opentext Cybersecurity

With an MBA and Law education, Ramsés is a +25 year security professional with deep expertise in the Risk Management and Governance areas. Ramsés is now  International Chief Technology Officer with OpenText Cybersecurity, where he defines the vision and mission, purpose and promise of the division.

He has previously been Strategist & Evangelist at the Office of the CTO in Symantec and holds many certifications that combine different knowledge areas and broaden his vision on technology within the marketplace: CISM, CGEIT, CISSP, SCPM, CCSK, ITIL and COBIT Foundations.

Ramsés believes that a revolution (rather than an evolution) is needed when considering the move from technology to enterprise risk and that Governance is essential to facilitate innovation in this changing business environment.
An internationally recognized public speaker who has been awarded ‘Best Speaker’ many times. He has been named ‘Privacy by Design Ambassador’ by the Government of Ontario, Canada and is proud of being Past International VP for ISACA’s Board of Directors.

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