The C-Suite Edition

This community event is capped at 150 participants.


16th March, 2023





Secure Enterprise Browsing Starts with Chrome

Hundreds of millions of people work in Chrome every day, and Chrome gives enterprises the
controls and protections that keep corporate data safe. When paired with BeyondCorp
Enterprise, businesses can secure hybrid and remote workforces and enforce context-aware
access controls across managed and unmanaged devices. Google’s approach to secure
enterprise browsing protects organizations for internal and external threats. By applying data
loss prevention, extension controls, phishing and malware protections and more right within the browser, and giving security teams the reporting and visibility they need, Google is raising the bar on browser security.
Logotype of FBI - Elliott Peterson will speak about DDoS and You

Oliver Madden

Chrome Enterprise Browser Specialist EMEA, Google Chrome Enterprise


Seated Working Roundtable Breakfast
powered by Google


Epitome Keynote

DDoS and You - Understanding attacker capabilities and motivations

  • The FBI’s most recent takedown targeted some of the world’s top DDoS for hire services, and required partnerships with organizations throughout the world.
  • Learn how DDoS is likely to affect your organization, what common attacker motivations are, and tips for defense.Learn how DDoS is likely to affect your organization, what common attacker motivations are, and tips for defense.
  • DDoS is a subset of the cyber criminal ecosystem. Learn about the criminal organizations promoting these services, what they cost, and where they are sold.
Logotype of FBI - Elliott Peterson will speak about DDoS and You

Elliott Peterson

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


Innovator Keynote

Security Culture; making cybersecurity an active part of your organization

Having a successful security posture is more easily said than done. It takes a well-designed strategy for a host of multi-faceted parameters to come together to truly bring security to an organization.

Security Culture, being the ideas, customs, and social behaviors of an organization that influence security, is a powerful tool to help nurture and sustain that which keeps your organization safe.

In this session, we’ll be hearing from industry expert Jelle Wieringa about how you can use security culture to your advantage. Based on statistics from academic research, combined with real-world experience, you’ll hear everything you need to know to better understand what it can bring you and your organization.

In this session you will learn:

  • What defines a Security Culture;
  • How can you measure and better understand your existing security culture;
  • What are proven and practical ways to grow your security culture?

Jelle Wieringa

Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4


Expert Panel 1

Thought Leaders - How Identity and Access Management Boosts Security

  • The zero-trust strategy dispenses with the conventional notion that businesses should trust everyone or everything that is connected to a network or protected by a firewall
  • System and network administrators should regulate access to business networks or systems based on individual users’ roles, which are defined by their job title, level of authority, and responsibility within the business
  • Human and device identification – digital identities both for humans and devices (aplications)

Teresia Wilstedt

CISO, MedMera Bank

Tomi Dahlberg

Senior Advisor Cyber Security, Valtiokonttori (State Treasury of Finland)

Chris Dearden

Senior Sales Engineer, Delinea

Anders Wockatz

CISO, The municipality of Dals-Ed

Thomas Evertsson

Head of IT Northern Europe, DNB Bank



Turning Level 1 Analysts into Threat Hunters

Staffan Olsen

Senior Sales Engineer, ExtraHop


NETWORKING & 1-1 meetings


Innovator Keynote

Cloud Security Maturity + CNAPP

Leveraging CNAPP to Turn Security Experts into Cloud Experts and Cloud Experts into Security Experts

As organizations have accelerated their move to the cloud, a common problem is the shortage of trained professionals with cloud security expertise. Recent research found that 84% of organizations rank themselves at the lowest level of cloud security maturity, and more than 80% of those organizations also admitted to not having a dedicated cloud security team/team lead*.

At this session, we’ll explain how to determine the cloud security maturity level of your organization and how to leverage Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) to advance the maturity level.

You will learn how to:

  • Automate complex cloud security operations through meaningful visualization and step- by-step guidance.
  • Take an identity-first approach to dramatically reduce your cloud attack surface and enforce least privilege at scale.
  • Leverage Ermetic to empower stakeholders across the organization to drive accurate risk prioritization and remediation across multicloud environments.

Arick Goomanovsky

CBO & Co-Founder, Ermetic


Expert Panel 2

How the current global macro trends are affecting the cybersecurity and IT infrastructure landscape

  • What are the biggest global trends that will impact the IT and cybersec landscape (sustainability, net zero targets – people keeping laptops/phones longer – quantum computing)
  • Where does the greatest danger come from?
  • How adversely this situation has affected the industry
  • Which markets can be the target group
  • How to overcome and handle things within these situations

Thea Sogenbits

CISO, Estonian Tax and Customs

Elpidoforos Arapantonis

Senior IT security manager, Volvo Autonomous Solutions

Anders Jared

CISO, Bravida

Lars-Gunnar Marklund

IT Security & Risk manager, Boliden Group

Fredrik Forslund

VP & GM of International Business, Blancco


Innovator Keynote

Securing Cloud Native Applications at Scale

Modern cloud native technologies enable you to build, deploy, and scale rapidly. But this increased complexity exposes your application to new risks and vulnerabilities. Each layer of your cloud native application – spanning your code, third party dependencies, containers, and clusters – exposes you to new security concerns. Learn how you can protect your application through clear remediation actions and best practices for each attack scenario.

Mathias Conradt




5 Lesser-Known Open Source Security Facts

Rhys Arkins - Open Source and Security Facts -

Rhys Arkins

VP of Product Management, Mend


Seated Lunch & 1-1 meetings
powered by Mend


Best Practice Keynote

Information security culture – why isn't education enough?

Information security are more than just protecting the business assets with help of technology. It’s even a fair deal of developing procedures, processes and employees. During this talk Tobias will guide us into why information security culture is important, but also what we need do to to get the whole organization to participate in protecting the information.

Tobias Ander

CISO, Örebro Kommun


Innovator Keynote

Improve productivity by shifting right

  • Historically, shifting left has been seen as a silver bullet to reduce risk
  • Modern DevSecOps should have a strong focus on production environments
  • Fast resolution times should be prioritized over shifting left to add business value

Rickard Carlsson

Rickard Carlsson, CEO & Co-founder, Detectify


Expert Panel 3

Nation-state cyber-wars are already well underway: Pass Unaffected

  • Many cyberattacks fall into a murky region below the threshold of total war since there are no international norms
  • CI (Critical Infrastructure) assets that supports transportation, food delivery, utilities and commerce in general, as main target
  • Onsite attacks against the Wi-Fi networks of target organizations
  • What do we need to know about CUBA organisation (a group of Russian e-criminals who are targeting Swedish national institutes in maner to spread fear)

Sofia Staaf Frederiksen

Head of Information, Apoteket AB

Jacqueline Johnson

CISO, Danish Energy Grid

Khalid Khan

Business Transformation Lead – EMEA, Forcepoint

Anthony Herring

Nordic Head of Cyber Underwriting, RiskPoint Group


Front Edge Keynote

How will AI impact CyberSecurity in near future

  • Cybersecurity disruption using AI technology
  • Codefix: Enhancing Application Security Testing accuracy by teaching AI to read code and look for vulnerabilities
  • PurpleAI: Augmenting Red-Team exercises by teaching an AI agent to autonomously infiltrate corporate networks and bypass security controls
  • Recent technology advancements and impact on future Cyber warfare

Raviv Raz

Cloud Security Manager, ING BANK


Fireside Chat

Trust in the supply chain

  • What happens to trust when clients of a critical supplier get encrypted? Can the supplier be trusted and how to restore a breach of trust? Insights and learnings will be discussed and shared from 2021 when REvil used zero-days in Kaseya VSA to encrypt COOP and three other major retailers.
  • What happens when you return to “normal”? Is trust restored once the incident is resolved?
  • How does past learnings impact future discussions when it is time to procure next generation technology?
  • How to balance interpersonal trust with legal/compliance requirements on cybersecurity supply chain risks.

Elin Ryrfeldt

CISO, Axfood

Johan Nordin

Director of IT & IS, Extenda Retail


NETWORKING & 1-1 meetings


Innovator Keynote

Master your cloud & take control of your defence

Get ready to take your cloud security to the next level and take control of your cloud defence. In this action-packed case study, unveil the secret to detecting and thwarting attack paths that exploit vulnerabilities to target over privileged users.

Discover how to fortify your cloud security with just a simple click by applying the least privilege approach. Join us to supercharge your cloud security and say goodbye to complex fixes with the agentless approach.

Guy Rubinger

Cybersecurity Field Engineer, Orca Security


Expert Panel 4

Thought Leaders - Importance of data/cloud integrations - The latest solutions

  • Data migration is the best time to attack
  • Denial of service – history or still the greatest danger
  • How long does it take to detect an inside threat – weeks? months? years?

Nigel Gibbons

Director, Senior Adviser & Global Cloud Security Practice Lead, NCC Group

Johanna Molander

Global Compliance Manager Data Privacy, Sandvik

Shahid Raza

Director of Cybersecurity Unit, RISE

Bernard Helou

Head of IT Governance, Lendo Group

Antanas Kedys

Chief Information Security Officer, Nexpay


Best Practice Keynote

Visibility is crucial: E-criminals will find your internet-facing assets you do not know much about

You can only protect the assets you know of, so it’s important to have a high visibility on all your internet-facing assets. Even more in times like these in which states/hackers/the bad guys try to cause havoc. They do not need to target you specifically, but they will find your assets, you do not know about.

Benjamin Bachmann

Vice President Group Information Security, Ströer SE & Co. KGa


Expert Panel 5

Secure architecture is crucial in a business system - Building protection against current threats

  • Understanding the offensive side first
  • Reduces disciplinary sanctions in the event of a cyber attack
  • Benefits of cybersecurity architecture
  • Constant improvement of the system as a solution for the most secure architecture

Aubrey Turner

Executive Advisor, Ping Identity

Jonas Rendahl

CISO, Aurobay

Patrick Kall

Head of Security GRC, Einride

Prashant Agarwal

Program Leader,


Leg Stretcher & 1-1 Meetings



Ransomware attacks are going everywhere - You or your business could be the next!

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and no one is safe. Businesses of all kinds, particularly those with vulnerable online systems, need to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to protect themselves.

This includes regularly updating software and hardware, implementing strong security protocols, training staff in cybersecurity best practices, and having a backup system in place in case of an attack. Finally, businesses should keep up to date with the latest attack trends and consider engaging with a cybersecurity specialist for additional advice and guidance.

Ståle Risem-Johansen

Former CISO, SpareBank SMN1


By invitation Only Dinner Banquet


Paul will be speaking about how social engineering and mind reading techniques can be used to attack companies. After the release of his book “MentalTheft” where he explains how a mind reader can steal personal information from anyone, he now speaks about attacks that he has organised, how we can stop people like him and how your frontline staff can be prepared to be the best form of defence possible.

Paul Newton

Mind Reader and Author of MentalTheft

Elpidoforos Arapantonis

Senior IT security manager at Volvo

Elpidoforos Arapantonis aka Elpis is Chief Product Security Officer at ecarx in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has academic background in electronics with M.Sc. degrees in distributed systems, as well as in information security. He has long experience working in projects around Autonomous Driving, and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems in OEMs, from the cybersecurity point of view. His current focus is cybersecurity on infotainment systems as well as vehicles’ off board systems.

Anders Jared

CISO at Bravida

With decades in the area of security I now lead the IT and information security work within Systembolaget AB. This proactive engagement together with my background of analyzing security breaches in criminal investigations renders me a unique understanding of both threats and prevention possibilities in our digitalized world.

Anthony Herrin

Nordic Head of Cyber Underwriting at RiskPoint Group

Anthony has 15 years of experience in the insurance industry with roles within both broking and underwriting. He has focused on cyber risk and insurance since 2015 and is CISM certified. Whilst predominantly on the broking side at Aon, JLT and Marsh over the last few years, he has recently moved to an underwriting role at Riskpoint and will lead their team of Nordic Underwriters.

Bernard Helou

Head of IT Governance at Lendo Group

Bernard has 15 years experience in information security. He has been working as a
cybersecurity consultant to CAC40 companies in Paris for 9 years before taking internal roles as information security manager. From security awareness to data protection strategy or
contingency plans, he has a good overview of security best practices.

Moa Mörner


Moa Mörner is an experienced Data Protection Officer with a demonstrated history of working with questions concerning processing on a large scale of special categories of personal data, both for Controllers and Processors. She is skilled in data protection law, advising on strategic level as well as operative, assessments and recommendations, educating, and managing incidents of personal data breaches. Moa is strong advocate for making data protection and information security working together, when the perspective of the individual (data protection) and the perspective of the organization (information security) allows it.

Today Moa is Group DPO at SJ AB.

Jacqueline Jönsson

CISO at Danish Energy Grid

During my 20+ years in the security sector I have a good feeling about what works in practice and gives results and what doesn’t. The part that engages me most is integration of technical security with legal and financial aspects as well as people’s behavior.

Core skill is CISO work and guiding board members and executives about cybersecurity, operational resilience and business assurance.

Also advice on regulations, directives and practices for the financial services and energy sector.

Jonas Rendahl

CISO at Aurobay

My name is Jonas Rendahl and I work as CISO at Aurobay (Powertrain Engineering Sweden AB). I live south of Gothenburg with my wife and daughter.

I started my interest in computers and security at an early age. I have worked within IT since early 2000 but I have worked within many different industries and areas before that. Within IT I have worked with things like development, support, testing, management, audits, disaster and recovery, architecture, operational security and almost all aspects of security you can think of.

I have a keen interest in security and love the fact that it is such a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. From all of my experiences I have learnt that nothing is static and that all experiences are something to learn from.

I am a rather pragmatic person in such respect that I try to listen the organization’s needs and weigh that against potential risks and possible and plausible security measures. I am a firm believer in simplicity over complexity and in setting up the foundation for fruitful conversations by first defining the boundaries and basic concepts to ensure everyone understand each other.

Klas Themner

CISO/Deputy CEO at AMRA Medica

Klas Themner has, as AMRA’s Chief Information Security Officer, overall responsibility for the management of the company’s information security. Klas has been at AMRA since 2017, mostly in the role of COO, also keeping the role of deputy CEO. Before joining AMRA Medical he had 20+ years of experience as COO & CFO in a number of different listed medical device companies within advanced medical image processing and across all imaging modalities. Previously to Life Science, Klas spent 10 years with the Swedish defense industry. He has an engineering background and holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics from Lund University.

Lorena Carthy-Wilmot

Senior advisor in Digital Policing (DPA) at Lillestrøm police station

Former Head of the Forensic Technology Services Lab at PwC in Oslo. Now Senior Advisor in the field of Digital Forensics at the Norwegian Police, East District.


Future leader of cybersecurity sector at Einride

I'm a Senior Security Advisor within the IT/Telco domain with more than 25+ years in the industry.

Thea Sogenbits

CISO at Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Thea maintains tax secrecy of everyone in Estonia. As CISO of the Estonian Tax and Customs
Board she leads the security vision and information security management programme as well as the certified information security organization within the ETCB.

Her academic research focuses on the value chains and business models of professional
organized cross-border transnational cybercrime.

She trains and mentors military, public and private executives on hybrid defense and integration of next level defenses to organizational daily policies, practices and culture.

Thomas Evertsson

Head of IT security at DNB Bank

If you are looking for an efficient, Get the Job Done IT Manager with high ambitions then you've found the right person. I am inspired by a fast pace and successfully driving change, both organizational and technical. I see myself as a realistic optimist who is happy to share ideas and knowledge with others. Experience has taught me to be honest, cohesive and consistent, factors I see as important to success.